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Here at Modular Spaces, we aim to provide an enjoyable building experience, focusing on high quality, affordable modular homes and timely turnaround builds. This is why every transportable home built by us comes with a 10-year Structural Warranty, delivered to the site ready for onsite connections, making us a leading choice among home builders for transportable homes.

There are some important aspects to consider when you are looking for a new transportable house, including the variety of options available such as modular homes, prefab homes, tiny homes and relocatable homes in NZ.

The number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and living areas you require are crucial. You’ll want a house with a layout that can be orientated on your site to take full advantage of the sun, fitting within your budget considerations and transport costs. Our home designs and floor plans are crafted to help you build your dream home. Whether your looking at small homes or a large new home, we have the knowledge at Modular Spaces.

Choosing your design is one of the most exciting stages of building a new home. Our modern designs and home layouts are tailored to meet the aspirations of your dream home, ensuring a new home that reflects your desires.

We offer a variety of home layouts and designs for you to choose from with a great standard range. Our approach to prefab and modular homes allows for flexibility in design, enabling you to upgrade parts of your new style homes where you want to.

With our comprehensive knowledge of both the home building and transportation side, including our very own in-house transportation company, we can guide you through our efficient building process for transportable homes, relocatable homes, and portable homes.

We’re here to share with you valuable buyer information and let you know other costs to consider when looking into a transportable home, including finance options for relocatable and portable homes. We’ll guide you from the first consultation, home construction, right through to code of compliance.

Understanding that budget is a crucial aspect of any housing project, we are committed to offering the most cost-effective, high-quality homes available in the market. Our range of services, from initial site works and new home consultation to delivery and insurance, is priced competitively to ensure you get the best value for your affordable new home. Modular Spaces pride itself on our affordable homes and our efficiencies of offsite manufacturing.

Delivering not just quality and affordability but also exceptional convenience in transportability, our housing options like transportable homes, prefab homes, and prefabricated homes are specifically designed for ease of transport. This ensures a smooth and hassle-free journey from our construction site to your chosen location, making our modular and transportable homes a smart choice. Our modular dwellings can easily be relocated to another site in the future.

Our innovative modular designs, including a range of modular homes and prefabricated homes, stand at the forefront of our offerings. The beauty of our modular dwellings lies in their versatile and connective nature, allowing multiple units to be transportable to site and seamlessly joined together. This flexibility opens up a world of possibilities, whether you’re looking to create a larger family home, a multi-unit residential complex, or expandable commercial spaces, making them a perfect fit for affordable housing in NZ. Our modular designs, engineered with sustainable materials, are crafted for ease of connection, ensuring structural integrity and aesthetic coherence when units are combined. This feature allows for scalable solutions that can grow and evolve with your needs, making our modular homes not just a choice for today, but a sustainable, adaptable investment for the future. Embrace the power of modular design with our housing solutions, where your vision of connectivity and expansion becomes a tangible reality, perfectly aligning with community developments and the building process. Choose from our versatile home plans and join the movement towards affordable, kiwi modular homes.