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You'll be surprised what ADH can deliver!

WRONG – Our largest model is a 4 bedroom 155sqm home!  

Let us be the judge of that! Our skilled operators and high tech transport machinery can get buildings delivered even to the most remote and hard to access locations.  We will confirm your sites access and suitability during our free consultation.  

We don’t think so!  We offer a range of designs and many customisations.  Combine this with cheaper build cost and faster turn around than a comparable ‘build-on-site’ project, transportable homes offer competitive alternative  to a traditional build.

If you can’t find one of our preset plans that works for you, then our Designer option allows for a custom built home to your layout and requirements. The two options we offer are Standard Homes and Designer Homes (Premium)

Once the consent has been issued the construction time is approximately 8 – 12 weeks. You won’t find a faster way to build than choosing a transportable!