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Vote for Your Future Home with Modular Spaces

Hi there! At Modular Spaces, we're dedicated to crafting homes that fit your needs and dreams. We’re excited to introduce our latest project—a versatile 60sqm home perfect for modern living. With a smart layout that includes a dedicated pantry and separate laundry, and the flexibility to expand up to 70sqm, this home is designed to grow with you.

Your input is vital in guiding us to the perfect home design. We’re considering several plans for our new show home: the innovative 60sqm plan, the welcoming Waiheke Plus, the efficient Hatcher, or the versatile Modified Omaha 60.

The innovative 60sqm plan

(click to see floorplan)

The welcoming Waiheke Plus

(click to see floorplan)

The Efficient Hatcher

(click to see floorplan)

The Versatile Modified Omaha 60

(click to see floorplan)

Which design should we build next to meet New Zealand's evolving housing needs? Take a moment to view the attached designs and floor plans, and cast your vote for your favorite!

Remember to visit us daily to cast your vote again for your favorite design. Your ongoing input is valuable!

Your insight drives our innovation at Modular Spaces. We're here to build homes that not only meet today's standards of efficiency and style but also anticipate tomorrow's living needs. Thanks for being an integral part of our community-focused approach to building smart, scalable housing solutions.